Tropical Storm Erika had the Port of Palm Beach on high alert and crews prepared the facilities in case Erika came to or near Palm Beach.

Port Scrap Pile

Containers were unstacked and vessels left the port.

According to Manny Almira, Executive Director of the Port, their biggest concern is the shoal in the inlet. A storm could cause a buildup of sand and that could interrupt commercial activities in and out of the inlet.

The Palm Beach Civic Association is concerned about the scrap pile that the Port has on-site and how tropical or hurricane force winds could blow the metal around the area.

The Civic Association contacted the port about the issue and Carl Baker, Director of Planning & Development, said they are implementing their hurricane plan for the scrap pile which includes, spreading the pile out so it's not as tall, placing containers on the north side of the pile (currently there are containers on the east and south side) and tying a mesh net over the pile.

The Palm Beach Post picked up on our story and called to interview the Civic Association:

Palm Beach worry: Erika firing metal projectiles from port scrap pile

Tropical Storm Erika is ramping up concerns first voiced two years ago by opponents of a scrap metal-processing operation at the Port of Palm Beach – that a hurricane will pelt the island of Palm Beach and the city of Riviera Beach with metal projectiles.

“When they signed that lease for that thing, one of the issues that was raised was, ‘What are you going to do if a big storm comes?’ That stuff is going to blow around,’’ said Ned Barnes of the Palm Beach Civic Association.

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