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Civic Association - Good Samaritan Luncheon – Sold Out!

Michele Kessler & Mark Nosacka

Michele Kessler, a Civic Association Director and member of the Executive Committee, opened her home for a Women’s Luncheon featuring leaders of Good Samaritan Medical Center. Over 35 Civic Association members attended.

Image: Michele Kessler & Mark Nosacka, CEO Good Samaritan

Michele Kessler & Mark Nosacka

Mrs. Kessler made welcome remarks and told the group about the strength of the Good Samaritan Hospital and how well it serves the residents of Palm Beach.  She said, “We are fortunate to have a medical center such as Good Sam in our own backyard” and shared her families own personal experience when needing emergency medical assistance. 

Mark Nosacka, Good Samaritan CEO, introduced two doctors from the hospital: Dr. Jeffrey H. Kotzen, Chief Medical Officer at Good Samaritan Medical Center and Dr. John Rimmer, the lead surgeon at the Good Samaritan Breast Institute.

All three talked about the expanding services at the medical center and how the hospital has been serving Palm Beachers since 1919, almost a hundred years.

They described their three institutes, one for cancer, cardiovascular and digestive disease treatment; a full-service, around-the-clock emergency department; the da Vinci® Robotic Surgery System; a surgical weight loss center; and comprehensive women’s healthcare services.

Mr. Ned Barnes, Palm Beach Civic Association president thanked Good Samaritan hospital for the service to our community and their corporate partnership with the Civic Association.  ““Our partnership with Good Samaritan on critical issues involving health care and promoting greater citizen involvement in the community is a great success,” said Mr. Barnes. “We’re looking forward to more events and working together as the season continues.”

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