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There are Polite Ways to Avoid the Flu

Avoid the Flu

By: Dr. Michael Dennis, Civic Association Director.

It has been a challenging flu season (and not over yet) with many suffering from symptoms including, but not limited to, fever, cough, respiratory problems, muscle aches, tummy troubles, and fatigue.

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Civic Association - Good Samaritan Luncheon – Sold Out!

Michele Kessler & Mark Nosacka

Michele Kessler, a Civic Association Director and member of the Executive Committee, opened her home for a Women’s Luncheon featuring leaders of Good Samaritan Medical Center. Over 35 Civic Association members attended.

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Pat Griffin: Toward New Treatments for Disease

Pat Griffin Scripps Florida

Patrick Griffin’s scientific life, which involved a transition from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to the academic world at the Scripps Florida campus over a decade ago, has always revolved around discovering new approaches towards treating disease.

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Do You Have a Higher Risk of Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer Awareness

A risk factor is something that increases or decreases your chances of developing a disease such as cancer. But just because you have one risk factor, or several, does not mean you will be diagnosed with the disease.

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