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Obamacare Forum

A Community Forum Presented by the Palm Beach Civic Association

A Community Forum on the new health care legislation known as Obamacare was presented to almost 300 participants at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach.

The program moderator was Dr. Michael Dennis (Civic Association Director) and expert panel members were Judy Goodman, Esq. (Civic Association Director), providing a legal perspective, Mark Nosaka, CEO of Good Samaritan Hospital, giving the Hospital viewpoint, Richard Bernstein representing insurance providers, and Dr. David Dodson addressing the concerns of doctors.

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Civic Association Obamacare Forum Full-Video [1.5 hrs.]
Includes all content by all panelists plus Q&A.
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The following videos are segments by panelists from the full video:


Judy Goodman: Legal Perspective
Judy Goodman





Richard Bernstein: Insurance Perspective
Richard Bernstein





Mark Nosacka: Hospital Perspective
Mark Nosacka





Dr. David Dodson: Medical Doctor Perspective
Dr David Dodson

Civic Association Forum Spotlights Healthcare Act

Longer waits for medical attention, higher costs, more taxes and a decline in benefits are some of the negative effects that will take place as a result of the Affordable Care Act, panelists at a Civic Association forum on the subject said Tuesday.

Under the act, now commonly known as Obamacare, all Americans are required to have health insurance. Among its increased benefits, children can be insured on their parents’ plan to age 26, the Medicare Part D coverage gap is filled, preventive coverage is increased and insurance companies can’t deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

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