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A letter from the Civic Association Healthcare Chairmen.

Dear Palm Beacher:

We just saw a photograph of a man playing with his two dogs. What made this significant is the fact that this man recently had a cardiac arrest on Worth Avenue and was, for all intents and purposes, dead. That is, except for the fact that our outstanding Fire Rescue team was able to arrive on the scene quickly enough to use their defibrillator and shock him back to life which he is now enjoying with his family and two dogs. What a wonderful story.

This fellow was lucky because fire rescue was able to get there fast enough to save his life. But if they had been delayed, it could've been a different story, especially if the stores where he had been shopping did not have their own AED's... automatic external defibrillators.

Fire rescue estimates that we have between 25 and 30 cardiac arrests each year in Palm Beach. They believe that at least half of them could be saved through the prompt use of an AED. That is why your Civic Association has partnered with Fire Rescue to urge the acquisition of lifesaving AED's by individuals and businesses throughout this community.

As the name implies, an automatic external defibrillator is fully and totally automatic. It actually tells you what to do. Anyone can do it. Moreover, Fire Rescue is happy to provide free training and refresher courses on an individual or group basis and they will monitor the location and the condition of every unit in town. That will make it possible for them to direct any 911 caller to the nearest AED which can be put in use even before Fire Rescue arrives. Statistically, every minute's delay lessons a patient's chance of recovery by 10%. That means, that if it takes five minutes before an AED is applied the patient has already lost half of his chance to be brought back to life.

While we are not able to recommend particular brands, we can say that they are all pretty much the same and available in many mass retailers and over the Internet. Additionally, Fire Rescue will be happy to answer any questions you may have on this life-saving program.  Their telephone # is 838 5420

We hope you will help us by participating in this program and making Palm Beach and even safer place for everyone who lives and works here and our visitors, as well. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this could be the best investment you have ever made since the life you save could be your own or someone you love.

Michael Stein and Dr. Richard Conroy, Co-Chairs
Palm Beach Civic Association Health Care Committee