Mr. Mark Nosacka, CEO of the Good Samaritan Medical Center, met with the Palm Beach Civic Association Healthcare Committee on February 13.  

He started his presentation to the committee by praising the six year effort of the Civic Association, Bill Guttman in particular, and Allen Wyatt in pursuing the addition of angioplasty at Good Samaritan.  Mr. Nosacka said, “We waited to make the announcement at the Healthcare Committee meeting today because you were so instrumental in helping to make this happen.” 

Good Samaritan is now providing cardiology angioplasty and stenting services.  The first two patients were handled successfully just prior to the committee meeting.  JFK Hospital Interventionists are under contract at Good Samaritan.  In addition, Good Samaritan is now working with Cardiology Associates.

The emergency room at Good Samaritan is working with Darrel Donatto, EMS Division Chief for Palm Beach Fire-Rescue, to set up technology links for EKG communication with the emergency room to cut down on patient triage time and increase the speed of patient care.

Mr. Nosacka acknowledged that Tenet recognized that things weren’t going well at Good Samaritan in the past.  Tenet brought in a new management team.  And now Good Samaritan has a new focus on physician, employee, and patient satisfaction; focus on quality and safety; and a focus on working with more doctors and community members.  He reported that contrary to newspaper articles, Good Samaritan is now profitable with a bright future.  And there are no plans to sell or close the hospital.

Good Samaritan is now a Certified Stroke Center giving TPA or Clot Buster to patients.  For more critical care or longer than the critical three hour window, patients will be transferred to St. Mary’s because of their new Neuro-Interventional Lab.

The Emergency Room has a new Medical Director, Dr. Melissa Graber.  Dr. Graber is working on improving quality, safety, and new technologies and processes for better, and faster, patient care.

Good Samaritan has been very successful in physician recruitment.  They have added 10 new physicians and are interviewing more.  In addition, they are talking to the University of Miami School of Medicine about relocating some of their doctors to the Good Samaritan campus. Good Samaritan has the office space available.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Nosacka said he looks forward to continue working with the Civic Association Healthcare Committee in the future.