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WEST PALM BEACH, FL – Good Samaritan Medical Center marked the opening of The Palms Private Medical Detoxification Center, a medically-supervised program committed to helping individuals who are ready to face their addiction and get the assistance they need from qualified, medical professionals, with an open house event.

Although there are many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs that deal with the psychological aspects of addiction, The Palms is unique because it deals solely with the physical aspects of addiction in a hospital-based setting. Treatment is gentle, painless and as safe as possible. Patients receive anonymity in a setting that more closely resembles an upscale hotel than a traditional doctor’s office.
“Most physicians can agree that medical detoxification is key to a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction,” said Good Samaritan Medical Center CEO Mark Nosacka. “We’re committed to providing this much needed service to the community.”
Located at Good Samaritan Medical Center, 1309 North Flagler Drive, 5th Floor, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401, The Palms features a private entrance and various amenities, including a state-of-the-art exercise facility, flat panel televisions and direct dial phones, WiFi and computer access, and personally-selected meal options.
Drug and alcohol addiction is a major problem around the country—and in the local community. Proper treatment is important because drug addiction can mask many serious illnesses that may require immediate medical attention.
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