Expansion of H1N1 Vaccination Campaign Priority Groups
By the Florida Dept. of Health

The goal of the Florida H1N1 Influenza Mass Vaccination Campaign is to immunize all Floridians and visitors who choose to be vaccinated.  Florida began vaccinating CDC recommended priority groups the week of 10/12/09, and is now ready to expand beyond those groups as vaccine becomes available. 

Achieving this goal continues to require partnerships between the Department of Health and healthcare providers and community vaccinators throughout the state.  County Health Departments coordinate vaccination efforts in their jurisdiction, with support from the Department of Health central office for successful implementation of the statewide mass vaccination campaign.

In many areas of the state, we have made inroads into the priority groups for vaccination, and as a result FDOH in coordination with county health departments has developed plans to expand vaccination availability to additional population groups.

Florida will continue to emphasize vaccinating those in the ACIP priority groups.  As of December 4, 2009, counties are authorized to expand provision of the H1N1 flu vaccinations beyond the five priority groups based on local availability of vaccine. 

The plan provides counties the maximum flexibility needed to expand vaccination availability to additional population groups when ready, to meet their respective population’s demands. Each county is unique in its population and this guidance will help them plan for expansion beyond the ACIP priority groups as more vaccine arrives.

As counties make the decision to expand access, consideration will be given to the impact on neighboring counties and border states, since each may expand their access at different times.  All reasonable efforts to reach ACIP priority groups will have been completed before a county expands its vaccination program.

All county vaccination programs provide immunizations to persons based on the priority groups that they are serving regardless of county, state or country of residence. 

Information about the times and locations of vaccination clinics can be found at www.myflusafety.com or by call 1-877-352-3581.

FDOH and our partners remain committed to a process that will allow all people in Florida that wish to receive the H1N1 flu vaccine can get it, by early 2010.