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The Health Care Committee was called to order by Chairman Jeffrey Levitt.  In attendance: Mr. Levitt, Dr. Earl Campazzi, Richard Bernstein, Dr. Michael Dennis, Judy Goodman, Jerry Pearlman, and Mary Watkins.  Special guests also present: Irv Geffen and Dr. Thomas Kodadek from Scripps Florida, and Civic Association staff Ned Barnes, Susan Keenan, and Mike Brown.

Health Care Committee Meeting ScrippsMr. Levitt introduced Mr. Geffen and Dr. Kodadek who presented an overview of Scripps Florida, a Civic Association major partner in 2015-2016.  

Mr. Geffen spoke about the approval process for new drugs and the challenges of raising funds for cutting-edge biomedical research.  He discussed venture philanthropy, a new fund-raising model, developed and currently being used by Scripps.  

Dr. Kodadek reviewed the types of projects making their way through the Scripps pipeline.  He explained the complex research procedures employed by Scripps and described Scripps’s big picture approach to finding cures for diseases.