The Civic Association Health Care Committee met this week and discussed the state of health care in the area, needs of the community, and Good Samaritan Medical Center and Scripps Florida, two Civic Association major corporate partners for 2015-2016.

Healthcare CommitteeThe Civic Association committee members are:

  • Jeffrey Levitt, Chair
  • Dr. Earl Campazzi
  • Diana Barrett
  • Richard Bernstein
  • Paula Butler
  • Dr. Michael Dennis
  • Richard Furlaud
  • Judy Goodman
  • Hildegard E. Mahoney
  • Robin Martin
  • Edward Meyer
  • Sydell Miller
  • Al Parvin
  • Jerry Pearlman
  • Gerald Schuster
  • Eliot Snider
  • Dr. Norman Traverse
  • Mary Watkins

The Health Care Committee works to improve the level of health care available to Palm Beach residents.  The group monitors local medical institutions and educates the public on relevant health care issues.