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New Traffic Pattern for Westbound Flagler Bridge


Old ramps for west side of Flagler Bridge. New traffic pattern in story.

Old ramps for west side of Flagler Bridge. New traffic pattern in story.

FDOT News:

On Friday, May 17, the ramp from the westbound Flagler Memorial Bridge to N. Flagler Drive will reopen and a new temporary traffic signal will be placed into service where the ramp meets N. Flagler Drive, weather permitting

Once the ramp reopens, the following traffic pattern changes will be in effect:
• Drivers taking the ramp to N. Flagler Drive, from the westbound bridge, will be required to stop on red at the new traffic signal at the base of the ramp
• Drivers going north or south on Flagler Drive will be required to stop on red at the new signal to allow drivers coming off the ramp to go either north or south on Flagler Drive
• Drivers going north on Flagler Drive, or going north from the ramp, will not be able to go west on
6 Street
• Drivers going east on 6 Street will not be able to go north on Flagler Drive
• Drivers exiting the Bank of America drive-thru will not be able to go north on Flagler Drive

Westbound Drive

Traffic will stay in this pattern for an extended period of time, until a new at-grade intersection at the replacement bridge and N. Quadrille Boulevard is opened to traffic. Drivers are asked to use caution through this area.

The Flagler Memorial Bascule Bridge (drawbridge) Replacement Design/Build Project includes replacing the existing bridge with a new bascule bridge connecting the Town of Palm Beach and the City of West Palm Beach over the Lake Worth Lagoon and the Intracoastal Waterway.

The new bridge is being built south of the existing bridge, which will remain open during construction.

The Flagler Drive overpass will be replaced with an “at-grade” intersection. New lighting, pedestrian features, traffic signals, drainage, and landscaping are also included in this project. The estimated cost of this project is $94.2 million.

Flagler Bridge Repair Cost To Be Nearly Double Earlier Estimate

Flagler bridge

When Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Ananth Prasad told Palm Beach in March that the damaged Flagler Memorial Bridge would be repaired and stay open during construction of its replacement, he estimated a cost of about $5 million.

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FDOT Awards Contract For Flagler Memorial Bridge Repairs


Civic Association Live Webcam

FDOT News Release


PALM BEACH/WEST PALM BEACH - The Florida Department of Transportation awarded a $9.4 million emergency contract to Tampa-based contractor Archer Western Construction on Wednesday, April 24, to repair the Flagler Memorial Bridge.

Archer Western was the low bidder on the project to build a redundant foundation on the main piers of the 86-year-old bridge so it can remain open until the new $94.2 million replacement bridge is completed. The repairs are designed to prevent further settlement that has occurred since the construction on the replacement bridge began in September 2012. The only other bid was submitted by Cone & Graham Inc. of Tampa for $16.7 million.

FDOT is expected to issue the Notice to Proceed on May 6. Archer Western will have 30 days to procure materials and supplies and will begin construction by June 6. Road closures will be limited to 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. to minimize traffic disruption. The actual construction schedule will be determined at a pre-construction meeting.

The company will have 210 days to complete the repairs. To reduce the time of the repairs, the contract contains an incentive/disincentive clause. The contractor will receive an incentive of $15,000 a day, up to 45 days, for early completion. Conversely, a disincentive of $15,000 a day, up to 45 days, will be assessed if the contractor completes the project late.

Archer Western will coordinate its repair activities with PCL Civil Constructors, the contractor on the replacement bridge. PCL is responsible for the operation of the existing bridge for the duration of the project.

Currently, traffic over the bridge is limited due to its condition. One lane is open in each direction for passenger cars only; vehicles weighing more than five tons (larger than an average pickup truck) are not allowed over the bridge. When the repairs are completed, the bridge will have two lanes in each direction and there will be no weight restriction on trucks.

Completion of the replacement bridge is anticipated in early 2015.


Additional News from the Civic Association

Archer Western built a $389.5 million I-4 bridge interchange in a joint venture with PCL Construction Enterprises Inc. Archer Western is a subsidiary of The Walsh Group, one of the nation’s 20 largest contractors, according to Engineering-News Record magazine.

Archer Western was the primary contractor on the $76.6 million Jensen Beach Causeway, which included the replacement of a drawbridge with a 65-foot-high fixed span. They also are the contractor for the $174 million Indian Street Bridge project that provided a second link between Stuart and Palm City.

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gov Rick Scott

Governor Rick Scott reports to Palm Beach Mayor Gail Coniglio and Palm Beach Civic Association Director Llwyd Ecclestone that FDOT will repair the existing Flagler Bridge rather than close it.

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