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> Civic Association Flagler [North] Bridge Closing

Public Information Session

> Flagler [North] Bridge News

- Flagler Memorial Bridge to Close from May 12 to November 1, 2014

- Bridge closure forces FPL to drop plans to strengthen line

- Trauma Hawk rescue drill 'a complete success'

> Another Attempt Thwarted to Commercialize Peanut Island

> Council to Consider Beach Bids in June or July

> Abrupt and Misguided Decision to Fire 20 Residents from Town Commissions

> Landmarks & Zoning Commission News

- Several dismissed Landmarks members seek re-appointment

- Delay in landmarks hearings could cost owners

- Former commissioners among applicants for zoning board

> Condo Residents Say ‘No’ Proposed Waterfront Hotel


> Deepening & Widening Lake Worth Inlet NEWS

- Opposition to Inlet Expansion is Growing

- Port of Palm Beach Dredging Project Gets Final ACOE Approval, Now Moves to Congress

> Storm surge graphics to be issued this year

> Civic Association Season Sponsor

> Everglades Restoration Project may be in Peril

> Civic Association WEBCAM