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See instructions below on how to implement Google Traffic Map on your smartphone

By: Town of Palm Beach News

In addition to the many actions being taken to reduce congestion near the Royal Park Bridge, the Southern Boulevard Bridge, and on the Town’s main roadways, Town officials also are recommending a variety of actions residents and commuters can take to help minimize the negative impacts of the bridge closure:

• If possible, try to avoid travel altogether in the Mid-Town area during rush hour periods, as well as during afternoon dismissal at the Public School (2:00 pm) and the Day Academy (3:00 pm).

• Use County Road (both northbound and southbound) to get onto Royal Palm Way during the afternoon/evening rush hour. This will allow Police Officers to maintain a nearly continuous flow of traffic on County Road and Royal Palm Way with fewer stoppages to allow traffic to enter from residential side streets or Cocoanut Row.

• Use online interactive maps to monitor traffic congestion in real time.


Monitor Town Traffic Online

From your desktop, laptop, or tablet, go to www.maps.google.com.

Type in the Town’s zip code: 33480.

Click on “Traffic” in the upper right hand corner of the map.

If you have a smartphone such as an iPhone, select the Maps Application.

Type in 33480.

Enable the “Show Traffic” feature.

Green lines on the map indicate normal traffic flow

Yellow or orange lines indicate slower than normal traffic.

Red lines indicate stopped traffic or severe congestion.

You can use the zoom and click & drag features on your smartphone, computer, or tablet to zoom in and out, and move in any direction on the map to see traffic conditions on Palm Beach and in the adjacent mainland areas.

While we recommend using the online mapping that GPS technology provides to check the current status of traffic at any particular time, the Town will continue to provide general bridge and traffic updates from time to time via news releases, emails, and text messages for those who subscribe on the Town’s website to receive them.

Please click on “Stay Informed” on the Town’s homepage and follow the directions to sign up, and please note that you must check the cell phone box and add your cell phone number if you want to receive text message updates from the Town.