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Flagler Bridge West End

The repair of the Flagler Memorial Bridge is complete and all lanes on the bridge have been reopened, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) officials said.

The $9.4 million emergency repair project was completed 63 days ahead of schedule. Currently all restrictions to vehicular traffic are lifted and the pedestrian walkway on the north side of the bridge is also open.

Archer Western, a Tampa-based contractor, began emergency repairs on the 86-year-old bridge in early June, so it could remain open until the new $94.2 million replacement bridge is completed. The repairs were designed to prevent further settlement that occurred when the construction of the replacement bridge began in September 2012. The contract allowed 210 days to complete the repairs and Archer Western will receive a $675,000 bonus for early completion.

The repair work consisted of installing 67 micropiles around the four main bridge piers to create a redundant foundation to absorb the weight of the bridge and traffic on the bridge. Structural brackets were bolted to the existing bridge foundation and then attached to the micropiles.

Since November 2012, the bridge has been restricted to one lane in each direction and there has been a ban on vehicles weighing more than five tons.

The Palm Beach Civic Association was instrumental in keeping the bridge open and repairing it instead of the FDOT plan to close the bridge completely while the new bridge is constructed.

Completion of the repair project will allow PCL Civil Constructors, the company building the replacement bridge, to resume a normal work schedule. Completion is expected in fall 2016.