Ananth Prasad

Ananth Prasad
Secretary, Florida Department of Transportation

Ananth Prasad, Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation delivered good news in his presentation to the Town Council in the Town of Palm Beach.

The Flagler Bridge will stay open.

FDOT Repair Plan

  • Retrofit will consist of micro-piles installed adjacent to the existing piers on three sides and connected to existing pier footings.
  • Every effort will be make to conduct the repair work at night to minimize disruption to motorists.
  • Closures to traffic at night can be expected and the public will be alerted in advance.
  • Expect the repair to take at least four to six months to complete.
  • Expectation is that following completion of the repairs, replacement bridge project work adjacent to the channel piers will resume with completion being extended to a duration equivalent to the time it takes to complete the retrofit repairs.
  • Upon completion of repairs, the Flagler Bridge will be restored to four lanes of traffic.

The Civic Association would like to thank Mayor Gail Coniglio, the Palm Beach Town Council and staff, Secretary Prasad, Governor Rick Scott, and Civic Association Director Llwyd Ecclestone for their hard work for this positive outcome.