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The Civic Association has been out in the Palm Beach community understanding and reporting on the impact of closing the Flagler Memorial [North] Bridge. Here's the latest report:





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As of this weekend, FDOT is now going to revaluate the engineering to fix the old bridge so it can be used to during the construction of the new bridge. The Civic Association is closely monitoring the process and will report every step of the way.  Stay tuned.

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Transportation secretary: Keeping Flagler bridge open worthwhile but will delay new span, add millions to project

An engineering fix that will allow the Flagler Memorial Bridge to remain open while a new span is constructed will add millions of dollars and delay the completion of the proposed $94.2 million project for at least a year, the secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation said today.

But Secretary Ananth Prasad said given the impact a proposed 1½-year closure would have on businesses and residents in Palm Beach, the extra time and cost is worth it.

“The loss to the economy and the benefit to the community is far more than that,” Prasad said.

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