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The Town Council, the Mayor, the Civic Association and a group of dedicated citizens worked together to keep the current North Bridge open during construction of the new bridge.

Without this intervention, the North Bridge would have been closed for one year causing significant transportation problems for residents. We also helped ensure the new South Bridge will not begin construction until the new North Bridge is completed.

“The Civic Association had a great organized effort to work with the town to keep the Flagler Bridge open. It saved businesses, that use that bridge for 17,000 trips every day, to provide valuable services to town residents.”
– Scott Lewis, Scott Lewis Landscaping owner

“The Civic Association Bridge and Transportation Committee kicked into high gear when the Bridge closing was announced. An Involved membership in the association is key to helping protect the town.”
– James Weiner, Palm Beach resident

“Keeping the Flagler Bridge open was important to the survival of our business in the Royal Poinciana Way and North County area. Without that open transportation corridor we would have had a very difficult time making it.. The Civic Association helped make our continued success happen. Our membership is worth every penny.”
– Sally Kimball, Classic Collection owner

Working Together we can preserve and protect the quality of life that makes Palm Beach unique

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