In the rain today engineers and construction workers were installing the third and fourth large east-west beams on the foundation of the replacement bridge.

East West Beams InstallingThe beams are shipped out of Tampa by barge, around Key West, on a four-day trip to Palm Beach.  They come in through the Lake Worth Inlet.

They are lifted by crane onto the bridge foundation and fit into the metal braces as shown in the photos and video below.

Civic Association Video [6 sec.]







Each beam is placed onto the bridge foundation and 'fit' into the metal brace shown at the end of this short video.

Engineers at the project site said it takes about an hour to lift each beam and secure it in place, remarkably fast considering the size.

Beam Install CU

“The ‘lightest’ beams are on the east side of the project and they weigh 130 tons each,” said Tish Burgher, Public Information Officer for the Flagler Bridge Project. “The larger beams weigh 180 tons.”

Ms. Burgher told Civic Association News that there are 120 east-west beams total – 10 spans across the Intracoastal Waterway, with 12 beams for each span.

So far the contractor has been able to bring the beams into place without much interruption of bridge traffic on the old bridge.