Peter Elwell Speaking

Town Manager Peter Elwell was the featured speaker at a crowded Coffee & Conversation symposium held at the Palm Beach Civic Association and touched on several issues of interest to Town residents.

Mr. Elwell started off by clarifying recent reporting that 11 of 14 recent hires have left the Fire Department.  He stated "That simply is not true.  I don't know where those number came from."  He went on to explain that of 25 recruits hired since 2012, 19 are still with the department.

Peter Elwell Meeting

The Town is taking a more aggressive response to the proposed dredging and widening of the Palm Beach inlet.  Rather than a storm surge model based on a 100 year storm event, Mr. Elwell suggested modeling that indicated surge levels based on more frequent, yearly storms.  Additionally, he touched on lakeside bulkhead heights and then went on to dispel the notion that the Town was suggesting that existing homes be raised to accommodate flooding.  He added that "We do think when new homes are built, they need to be at higher elevations."

Mr. Elwell discussed the 10-year, $85 million coastal protection program involving sand and structural work that will begin next winter.

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