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Karen Marcus

Former County Commissioner Karen Marcus will serve as a consultant to the Palm Beach Civic Association on important matters related to the Town of Palm Beach.

Ms. Marcus represented the town as county commissioner for 28 years before retiring last December because of term limits. Now she will advise Palm Beach civic leaders on issues such as coastal management, Peanut Island, the Port of Palm Beach and county government.

“We are very fortunate to have her help to better understand issues that impact aspects of Palm Beach living,” Civic Association Chairman Bob Wright said in announcing the appointment. “Her knowledge will be very helpful to our organization.”

Ms. Marcus welcomed the opportunity to assist her former constituents in Palm Beach. “I have enjoyed working with the Civic Association so much in the past,” Ms. Marcus said. “I am looking forward to the next phase of my public service.”

Mr. Wright said Ms. Marcus will share her knowledge and insight with five Civic Association committees that focus on county government, the Port of Palm Beach, tax and finance, shore protection and transportation. “We at the Civic Association have been trying to educate ourselves to better understand things happening in the county, state, and West Palm Beach,” Mr. Wright said. “Her breadth of information will be very valuable.”

Ms. Marcus will not be a lobbyist with the county because of rules that prohibit former commissioners from lobbying for two years after they leave office. Instead, she will consult with and guide the Civic Association to be more effective.

Ms. Marcus worked closely with Palm Beach to oppose commercial development on Peanut Island two years ago. The Palm Beach Maritime Museum wants a restaurant and bed & breakfast to be built there.

Shoreline protection is another important issue that Ms. Marcus said she will continue to pursue. She hopes coastal communities will work together with environmental groups and county, state, and federal officials to protect the county’s shoreline.

She also volunteered to open talks with Surf Riders, a national surfer’s organization that has fought Palm Beach in court to stop shoreline protection projects.