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Miami South Beach

From Miami to the northeast, Hurricane Sandy generated huge swells up to over 15 feet for days. The beach erosion is significant, including in Palm Beach.

The video is of surfers at the north side of the Lake Worth Inlet (Palm Beach Inlet) in front of the sand transfer plant, which sustained damage from the storm.

Pump House

In front of the Sand Transfer Plant at Palm Beach Inlet

Surfers call the spot Pump House and the inlet creates a point break with an "out" in the mouth of the inlet. A Coast Guard rescue is shown in the video of a surfer caught in the inlet.

Video Submitted by Gary Lickle

Sandy takes chunk out of town’s shoreline

Hurricane Sandy saved much of its wrath for the Northeast, but it lingered long enough off the coast Friday afternoon to batter the town’s shoreline. Coastal coordinator Rob Weber has completed a preliminary assessment of the storm’s damage.

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