Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO of the Palm Beach Civic Association>Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO of the Palm Beach Civic Association

> Civic Association Letter to the Editor: Testa’s Overlay Proposal

> Cut-through in Royal Poinciana Way median to remain — for now

> Town of Palm Beach tops the list of the country's richest zip codes

> Shore Protection News
- Shore protection revenue quest 'back to ground zero’; town bed tax among ideas
- Civic Association Peter Elwell Symposium
- Corps wants Reach 8 sand plan environmental impact statement from town

> Thank You from Mayor Gail Coniglio - About Our Town Donation

> Election News
- Richard Kleid to run again for Town Council
- Deborah Robinson withdraws council seat bid, claiming intimidation by David Rosow supporters


> Publix Open!
- See Our Webcam

> Town of Palm Beach Property Ad

> Council gives initial approval to ordinance designed to combat whitefly infestation
- See our Whitefly Epidemic webpage

> Tenet gets OK to build new hospital in Palm Beach Gardens