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The Civic Association Oil Symposium had a packed conference room as concerned residents, town officials, and State Representatives gathered to discuss the plan to protect the 12 miles of beaches and Intracoastal in Palm Beach.

Town Councilwoman Gail Coniglio presented the overall potential impact and plan for the town and county.  Emergency Operations Coordinator Mike Galvin showed the plan details.

"The town, county, and state have been tremendously proactive in planning for the potential arrival of black tar, tar patties, or a 'mousse' of tar and seaweed." said Mrs. Coniglio. "The only issue we are having right now is getting the state to allow us to train the over 400 volunteers to do cleanup.  We're still pushing."

"Rob Weber [Town Coastal Coordinator] has done a tremendous job in completing the biological pre-assessment earlier than planned so we know where we are before any impact from oil if it hits us." said Mr. Galvin.  "We've planned for boat, ship, docks, Intracoastal, and beach cleanup. So now we're monitoring the situation to see if it comes around the peninsula."

Both said we will have to be in this for the long haul. This isn't a short-term problem.  If the oil gets into the Gulf of Mexico loop current, it will arrive in about 7 days.

The plans include off-island staging areas for cleanup crews and equipment, beach access points so buses can deliver crews on a schedule and not have parking issues, security for private property, and different methods for protection and cleanup.

State representatives Mary Brandenburg and Carl Domino explained state plans and committed to help break through any roadblocks that the town or county have with the state or federal government.

The overall conclusion from the Symposium was that the state, county, and the Town of Palm Beach are more prepared and in a better situation concerning the forward thinking and plan than Louisiana.  "We may not get a direct hit but we have planned for the worst." said Councilwoman Coniglio.

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