Town of Palm Beach Alert -- At the end of the day on September 21, approximately 500 truckloads of vegetation have been hauled off the Island. Town staff is near complete with its “first pass” of the entire town and will begin its “second pass” early next week.

Residents returning to Town since last week may notice large amounts of debris on their streets, but please understand that private landscapers placed the vast majority there after the first pass was complete. We will be back and anticipate needing to make three passes through the entire town to remove all storm related vegetative debris, totaling over 1,500 truckloads.

The Town and the Florida Department of Transportation contractors are still in the process of removing sand from the public roadways, sidewalks, and beach access points. While a large amount of progress has been made, there is still a good amount of sand remaining. The Town urges drivers to continue to use extra caution on streets that are near the beaches. It is anticipated that beachfront roads will be completely cleared and swept free of sand next week.

Sand also continues to be removed from beachfront properties. Private residences removing sand from their properties should not deposit the sand into the public roadways or sidewalks. Sand also should not be placed in vegetation piles. This activity will cause a delay in picking up vegetation, as sand must be separated from the vegetative debris prior to hauling. One of the streets in the north end of Town had large amounts of sand placed in the vegetation so our staff could not remove the debris during the first pass.

Sand free of vegetation and debris should be placed back on the beach by hand. The State prefers that the sand be placed on the flat part of the beach in a uniform manner. Sand should not cover existing vegetation on the beach and sand should not be left in piles on the beach. Because we are still in sea turtle nesting season, heavy equipment cannot be used without prior approval from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Town.

If you have specific questions related to the use of heavy equipment on the beaches, please contact Robert Weber, Coastal Program Manager, at 561-838-5440.