The Town of Palm Beach wants Thomas Baker to pay up after he ran a yacht aground on the island last month.

"At this point we've been directed to use what means we deem necessary to recover the town's funds," Palm Beach Deputy Town Manager Jay Boodheshwar said.  News reports have said Mr. Baker received funds from his insurance company.

Thomas BakerThe Town council agreed Monday to go after Mr. Baker for $50,000. Mr. Booheshwar said the sum is a fraction of what it cost to get rid of the boat that police said Mr. Baker drunkenly ran ashore on Palm Peach in September.  The total estimate to remove the yacht was $200,000.

The contractor was successful in removing the derelict vessel just before Hurricane Matthew passed by the Palm Beach coast.

Thomas Baker

Preasure to Remove Yacht Before Storm: WPTV NBC5 [2:56]

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Various stages of removal:

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