WORKING TOGETHER WORKS! We’re Protecting Our Beaches. Working with the Shore Protection Board and the Town Council, the Civic Association actively supports programs to protect and re-nourish our beaches.

Membership Beach AdTown Council recently approved a multi-million dollar beach management program to nourish and protect our shoreline.

Several Civic Association members serve on the Shore Protection Board and are deeply involved in oversight of coastal management, beach protection and renewal.

“The Civic Association has supported the town’s Shore Protection Board
from the beginning. The forums, news, and analysis on the issue are very
valuable to the town. Members help make that happen.”
– Gary Lickle, CEO & President, Chilton Trust

“The support of the Civic Association in providing the public
with information and education about shore protection has been
fantastic. Membership in this organization makes it possible.”
– Jerry Frank, Palm Beach home owner

“Going on the Civic Association Beach Bus Tour enlightened me about all the
issues with shore protection. As members of the association, we’re grateful for
this important service.”
– Roberta Mambrino, Palm Beach home owner

Working Together we can preserve and protect the quality of life that makes Palm Beach unique.

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in working together to protect our quality of life.