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Civic Association Beach Bus Tour

The Civic Association’s third annual Beach Bus Tour provided residents with a view of the issues and progress on the Shore Protection program in the Town of Palm Beach.

Presented by Rob Weber, the town’s Coastal Coordinator, the three hour tour highlighted six areas but covered the entire town coastline: Midtown Beach, Wells Road, the inlet, Angler Ave., Phipps Ocean Park, and Reach 8 at the southern tip of Palm Beach.

In addition to residents on the tour, current and former town leaders attended: Town Council President Michael Pucillo, former Town Councilman Bill Diamond, Town Manager Tom Bradford, and Shore Protection Board Members Jerry Frank and Lee Goldstein.

inlet maintenance dredgeAt the Angler Ave. stop, tour participants witnessed the inlet maintenance dredge depositing sand offshore near Reef Road in about 13 feet of water.  Sand was from the center of the inlet and the operation expects to move 70,000 cubic yards of sand to open the inlet for the Port’s current shipping traffic.

Dick Hunegs, President for the 3360 Condominium, hosted a wonderful reception at the end of the tour. Participants saw where the trucks will haul sand through their property from A1A to the beach.

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