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A New Kind of Phone Scam: Neighbor Spoofing

Are you experiencing an increase in the number of local calls to your home and/or cell phone? You’re not alone. This phenomenon is called “neighbor spoofing” and it’s the latest caller ID spoof strategy being used by phone scam artists in an attempt to get people to answer the phone.

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Council Approves $13.8 Million Rec Center in a 3-1 Vote

By Michele Dargan, Special for the Civic Association  --  After four hours of sometimes contentious discussion, the Town Council on Tuesday awarded the construction contract for the new recreation center to Hedrick Brothers by a 3-1 vote.

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West Palm Announces Drinking Water Quality Report

The Town of Palm Beach purchases all of our water from the City of West Palm Beach.  On Sunday, West Palm Jeri Muoio announced the latest Annual Water Quality Report* in the WPB Insider Newsletter.

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