Undergrounding Our Utilities - An Update

Undergrounding Our Utilities - An Update

By: Susan Keegan Gary, Civic Association Director. 


The power outages resulting from hurricanes Jeanne & Wilma caused many island residents to be without power for up to three weeks.  Many of us remember vividly the hardship caused by those storms.

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Introducing the New Palm Beach Civic Association

Bob Wright

Perhaps you’ve noticed that everything is new and exciting at the Palm Beach Civic Association.  We’ve changed our image.  Our logo is fresh and updated; so is our web site.  We’ve added new staff and expanded our programs to appeal to a wider Palm Beach audience.

Our research shows that the Civic Association is well known and highly regarded in the community.  Our members rely on us for information on local issues and they value our programs.

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We Urge Candidates & Supporters to be Civil

By: Bob Wright, Civic Association Chairman and CEO

The town’s election season is underway.  Candidates are lining up steering committees and building up war chests in preparation for a lively campaign.

What concerns us, along with many others in town, is why elections in a community known for its urbane, erudite and respectful citizenry so often turn into a “road rage” of personal attacks and petty politics.

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Water Conservation in Town Makes Dollars & Sense

By: Harvey L. Poppel, Civic Association Director & Water Committee Chair

The City of West Palm Beach, which supplies water to Palm Beach is in far better shape to withstand droughts as the result of actions to expand its water capacity. This, according to a recent presentation to Palm Beach’s Town Council by Scott Kelly, West Palm Beach’s assistant city administrator.

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Time to Consider Undergrounding Our Utility Lines?

  Susan Gary, Civic Association Director

By: Susan Keegan Gary, Civic Association Director

Florida Power and Light (FPL) will appear before our Town Council on October 14, 2014 to request permission to “harden” our utility poles. “Hardening,” in FPL parlance, means replacing the existing wooden poles with taller, concrete poles. The “hardened” lines will be above ground.

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Planned Riviera breakwaters under fire

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Monday, September 07, 2009

RIVIERA BEACH — Construction could start early next year on the $30 million Singer Island breakwater project - 11 limestone and granite structures placed in 12 feet of water to protect condominiums from beach-eroding waves.

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