Steve Ross, Civic Association director, Chairman and founder of Related Companies, and Miami Dolphins owner, sat down for a Q & A session with Civic Association Director Bob Nederlander in front of a live audience of over 150 members Monday morning.

Topics were wide ranging from business, sports, and the many charities Mr. Ross supports.  Here are some highlights:

Steve Ross & Bob NederlanderReal Estate Development

Mr. Ross has a megaproject that will remake swaths of New York City from scratch. It’s called Hudson Yards and according to Mr. Ross they currently have 10 million square feet under construction. When completed there will be a total of 17 million square feet of commercial and residential space under design and development, including 5,000 apartments, five new office towers, department stores and a five-acre park. With a budget estimate at $20 Billion, his project is considered the largest mixed-used development ever in the United States.

Why and how does he take on these big projects, starting out and continuing as an affordable housing developer?  “I like making an impact in cities, to make them better for those that live and work there,” Mr. Ross said. “The business of real estate development is connecting the dots, getting all the resources together to make things happen.  That’s my passion.”

Civic Association Event Video [38 minutes 18 seconds]


What about the Dolphins’ tough record since he bought the franchise? “It’s a lot easier to succeed in business than it is to create a winning football team,” Ross said. “The NFL has a lot of rules and restrictions that limit you.  I’m going to get it right yet.”  Mr. Ross recently hired a new coach and he expects his young 37 year-old coach, Adam Gase, to be “…the next Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, a really great head coach. In all my businesses, I like to hire young, brilliant, hard-working people to grow them and our organizations. In Adam I think we’ve got one.” 
Steve RossConcerning the latest news, movies, and talk about concussions, “If I had a child, I’d let him play,” Mr. Ross said. He’s pushing for research that could uncover genetic factors that make some people more susceptible to concussions and also mentioned the criticism the NFL gets in the media: “The New York Times is doing everything they can to kill the National Football League.”

Mr. Ross was asked about the future of soccer in the United States. He said he was pleasantly surprised to get over 70,000 fans to show up to an exhibition game between two top European teams Chelsea and AC Milan, in the Dolphins stadium during the summer so he decided to invest in it. 

He created the International Champions Cup which hosts top teams from around the world to play in the U.S., at our NFL and college football stadiums, in what is the equivalent of their pre-season. “I don’t think soccer will become a major spectator sport in this country for a long period of time,” Mr. Ross said. “That will take the best stars in the world to be in the U.S. to play.”  Most are now in Europe and other parts of the world.


When Mr. Nederlander brought up Mr. Ross’s charitable work, he led with RISE (Ross initiative in Sports for Equality). The Richie Incognito – Jonathan Martin mess Mr. Ross said, “This bullying incident was really a product of racism.” It  led Mr. Ross to become active in the Jackie Robinson Foundation on the board of directors and to launch RISE.

In addition, Mr. Nederlander brought up the $313 Million Mr. Ross has donated to University of Michigan, their alma mater. His donations are the largest gifts ever received by the university and they are split between the School of Business and U-M Athletics. "I have received enormous satisfaction from being able to give back to the institution that played such a critical role in my success,” said Mr. Ross. “I was thrilled to be able to offer much-needed scholarships to ensure we continue to attract the best and the brightest students to Michigan and provide them with the financial resources they need."

Mr. Nederlander closed the Q & A by saying “Thanks Steve for coming, I think you made some news today.”

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“Instead of getting a retread that really hasn’t had a great track record as head coach, I was looking for somebody that really could be the next, if you will, Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells, you know, really great head coach, and I think we got one,” Ross said.

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